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Platform person-to-person, developed in blockchain.

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Zero FEE

Exclusive benefit for accredited AGENTS and for users who complete the qualification levels of the transactions. Fee of only 1% for ordinary users.


Exclusive P2P community for buying and selling Bitcoin. Trade directly from person to person.


Transactions with authorized agents in our platform, which guarantee more offers, liquidity and agility in the negotiations.


Decentralized platform and concepts, without banking or governmental interference and with the lowest tariffs.

The Platform


On the platform, transactions are uncomplicated, fast and very simple. You choose the price you want to pay, how, when and with whom you want to negotiate. Easy for anyone!


Platform without complexity, created to meet different people. Intuitive design, easy to understand and use. All designed to facilitate your purchase and sale of Bitcoin.


Colonybit is based on Blockchain and developed on SHA-256; technology and language of last generation. All designed to ensure your safety in our network.


All data and platform information and our services are available to you, anytime you need them. All clearly, nothing between the lines and no implied terms.

No headache to pay!

Buy Bitcoin with bank transfer in the main banks.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the first and most valuable digital currency ever. Created in 2009, it is one of the most innovative payment and investment methods that exists. It has the same functionalities as any traditional currency, but Bitcoin is only present in the online universe.

Who we are

COLONYBIT is the most innovative decentralized P2P platform for buying and selling bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

It was developed in 2017 in Hong Kong with the goal of providing all people with the best, easiest and cheapest access to the crypto ecosystem.

We make the direct connections between people who want to sell with people who want to buy digital assets. All without bureaucracies, financial intermediaries or abusive fees. Direct communication from person to person, with all the security and ease of our platform.

In addition, with our accredited agents, all transactions are verified faithfully one by one, thus avoiding fraud or any financial risk to our clients.

We believe that Bitcoin and the cryptocurrencies are the future; the new way of thinking about money, and we want to actively contribute to this transition that is already underway.

And, consequently, we are going to make new people also become involved and participate in this transformative process. Join us!

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